Window Tinting and the California Vehicle Code

In order to be in compliance under California Vehicle Code 262708.5, a tinted window must do the following:

  • Have a visible minimum light transmittance of 88%
  • Have glazing with applied material which meets the all the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 205 (49 CFR 571.2050. This requirement includes the specified minimum light transmittance of 70% and the abrasion resistance of of AS-14 glazing. This is a federal standard.
  • Use a material must be designed and manufactured to enhance the ability of the window glass to block the sun's harmful UVA rays.

    As an indication of compliance, the driver will have in his or her possession, or within his vehicle, a certificate signed by the installing company that the window with the material installed meets the requirements of the sub-division and identifies the installing company and the material's manufacturer by full name and street address.

When you make the decision to have your automobile's windows tinted, make sure you have it done by someone who has a commitment to making sure you're in compliance.

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