It's the Details That Make for a Perfect Window Tint!

It's the attention to detail that makes all the difference in a window tint job.

For example, there are a lot of shops which will tint your roll-down windows. We do it differently. We know the key to a perfect window tint: attention to the small detail of shaving the top (exposed) border off the edge. This attention to detail produces a factory-tinted appearance, making the automobile glass look as though it were manufactured with the tint color.

A second area of where details make all the difference is in the approach to the tinting of back windows. At Perfect Window Tint we take the time to make sure that all rear windows appear to have been done in one-piece window film. No light gaps or seams will show to mar your vehicle's appearance.

At Perfect Window Tint we avoid the dreaded Third Brake Light Cut-Out. When we do a job, the third brake light, the one near the rear windshield, is removed so that tinting can be done smoothly. When the tinting of the rear window is complete, we reinstall the brake light. It makes all the difference, and that's why we do it!

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