How Window Tinting Can Help with Solar Change

The energy market is changing. Again. This time it looks very promising. Just like last time. The big change this time is coming from something called “distributing energy systems”. Distributed energy systems are small energy generating devices. A good example of one, the best known example of one, is a solar panel. But there’s another choice: the solar battery.

What’s a Solar Battery?

A solar battery makes it possible for you to store excess energy created during the day and then use it during peak price hours. (Peak price hours are the times of the day when the utility company charges more for power.) For a piece of commercial real estate, the extra charges during peak price can make up as much as 30% of the total bill. So we’re talking real money here for a real estate owner who makes the decision to add a solar battery to the mix. Your other choice, and it’s a less expensive one, is to add solar panels to your building.

“Juicing” Your Return

There’s a thing in the investment industry known as “juicing your return”. If you’ve got an investment making 9% you would borrow money (at some rate lower than the ROI) and invest the loan proceeds as well. This would boost your overall return, and so forth. In terms of your building you could make a meaningful dent in your power bill by adding window tinting to your “energy investment portfolio”. Tinting your windows would lower your bill by making it possible to keep the building cooler while reducing your power draw. And it would be a nice complement to your distributing energy system. As a matter of fact, tinting your windows for commercial real estate is probably a better way to get started. In comparison to the cost and installation and maintenance of the battery system, tinting the windows of your commercial real is an excellent way to go.

Try This at Home?

The other thing to keep in mind is that most of the things you might try with a commercial property are not the best idea for a residential one. However, window tinting is well within your reach as a homeowner. And as such, it is a good first or complementary choice.

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