Conserving Water and Window Tinting

One of the most striking images of the spring has been Governor Jerry Brown standing in a field where there should be snow. It’s an amazing picture because it makes clear exactly how severe the drought in California has become over the last few years. Like many big public policies issues the drought is hard to make concrete to most of the general public. It is not until something significant happens (at which point, of course, lots of people then suddenly start clamoring, “How long has this been going on?).

A couple of things, actually. First, I want to add my voice to the chorus of people urging my fellow Californians to be more thoughtful about their use of water. Does it matter? Sure it does. The role of water is hard to overstate in California: we need it to grow food, we need it for drinking, and we need it to make live in California liveable (particularly in Southern California, which consists in large part in re-purposed arid land in the first place).

The other reason has to do with window tinting. Water conservation and power conservation are complementary concerns; where one is needed, the other is almost certainly an issue as well. A properly tinted piece of commercial real estate will consume less power because not as much energy will be needed to keep it cool. This will result in a meaningful savings for building owners. These savings will be of great help when the almost inevitable hikes in the price of water arrive in Southern California.

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