The Building as Fashion Statement

People think about their vehicles in as many different ways as there are under the sun (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). You will see people who wash their cars religiously, cleaning it frantically if there’s a spot of ash or bird dropping anywhere on it. You will see people who believe in what can only be characterized as a protective coating of dirt. And there are people who make decisions about what they are going to do to their cars because they see their vehicles as a means to express their own sense of style.

They do all kinds of things to them. So many, in fact, I’m not even going to spend any time listing the things I’ve seen or heard. I will say one of the things I come in contact with frequently is people who want to put the darkest available tint on their windows. As I’ve mentioned before, tinting the back windows like this is fine. Tinting the front windows like that is asking for trouble. It’s a code violation, and police officers don’t care for it.

But I’ve come to see this as a certain kind of fashion statement, the same as putting a pirate flag on your boat or having a Raiders bumper sticker. I get that. What I am starting to wonder about, though, is can you think of window tint on commercial real estate as having the same possibility? Would putting the darkest possible window tint on your building be the same? Can you “fly the Jolly Roger on your building the same as you could on your Lexus?

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