And for My Next Trick

Everybody’s got a presentation, of course. Presentations and pitches are some much a part of life in America they’ve even left their mark on the language itself. “Step right up.” “Glad you asked, my friend, glad you asked.” And the immortal one: “And wait! That’s not all!” Consultants and sales reps, door-to-door guys and smooth marketers, they’re all out there, showing you what they’ve got.

There are some stunning ones, too. People putting the shine back on the finish of a car they’ve found in a junkyard. Horrible stains washed right out with the addition of a single, wonderful cleanser (if you don’t what this product is, you don’t own a television). Most of these presentations and pitches are about shouting, “Choose me, choose me!” That’s fine, I suppose. But I favor a slightly different approach with my presentation. (What? You knew I had one, right?)

For me, it’s about helping guide you through all the choices which can confront you once you make the decision to get some window tinting done. For someone who’s making the decision to tint the windows on his or her car, it’s often a fairly simple choice: what looks best on the vehicle. But sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. And that’s where my presentation can be helpful. That’s because it lets you see—and experience—the impact of one choice over another.

Now while my presentation is good for helping people make a choice about the best selection for tinting a vehicle (including a jet, but that’s another story), it can be very helpful when you’re trying to make a choice for your real estate property. Window tinting for commercial real estate means a complex set of decisions. My presentation can help make the choices real and understandable.

What does my presentation involve? That would be telling. Contact me and we can have a conversation about whether or not the presentation would be helpful to you.

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