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Does the Off Season Mean I’ll Make You a Deal?

Pricing is a tricky business. Even during the best of times, people are always looking for a deal. And now? And now, well, people want deals more than ever. I understand that. I like a good deal myself. But there’s a good deal, and then there’s a deal that leaves one side a lot unhappier than the other. I want to avoid that. You want to avoid that. Still, there’s always a deal to be made as long as people understand what the thinking is behind a deal or an offer.

Should You Call Me Now About Your Building's Windows?

I have said be fore that there’s a bad time to call me about tinting the windows on your commercial real estate property. That time, of course, is in the blast furnace of summer when everyone and her sister-in-law wants to have the windows done on her car. It’s a long hour time of year. It doesn’t mean we’re too busy to take business, but you do need to know it may not be possible for me to give you the full consideration your project deserves. It‘s just not that good a time of the year for an in-depth conversation about the choices and options I can offer you.

So Window Tinting is Green or Not?

Over the last few years more and more people have embraced the notion of “going green.” It seems you see it everywhere now; all kinds of companies are calling themselves “green” or saying that they support “green” thinking or technology. That’s great. I’m all for it. But I was surprised when someone asked me if I supported “being green.”

Do Materials Matter in Commercial Window Tinting?

There always some people think that the quality of materials doesn't matter. In their view, one material is as good as another. A person who believes that would argue, for example, that it doesn't really make any difference whether you choose the top-of-the-line material or the bottom of the barrel material. In this view, a person should choose the least expensive material for every job. For this reason you often find people choosing to make use of a less costly material.

Affordable Commercial Window Tinting

When people are trying to a decision about windowed tinting for their commercial properties, one of the things they often try to factor into their thinking is whether or not the process is affordable at all. There are, of course, different ways to think about what the term "affordable" means. The most basic way is to simply try and get your arms around what will it cost to have someone come out and tint your windows.

Who Works on Your Windows?

So the fighter answers the question "How are you going to beat the champ?" by saying, "I am going to keep him from knocking me out, see? And while he's trying to knock me out, I'm going to knock him out." Of course. What could be simpler?

There are a lot of things around that seem simple when described a certain way. That's true, for instance, when you talk about prizefighting or tinting windows on the building. All you have to do is take out the film and apply it to the glass. What could be simpler?

How Do You Make a Good Decision about Tinting Your Windows?

You are probably not the sort of person who wakes up one morning and says, “Wow, I think I’ll tint the windows of my building today.” That makes sense. Not a lot of people begin a project that like on a whim or a sudden impulse. Instead, they try to figure out what makes the most amount of sense in doing a project like that. The first thing they think of is, “I’ll get some quotes!”

The Commercial Property Window Tinting Problem Redefined

In thinking about window tinting commercial property the real question might not be can you afford to do it. The real question is can you afford not to? What you might need to consider is the current competitive environment. If you’ve got a commercial property you know the battle for tenants is brutal. There are so many properties which need tenants you sometimes wonder how all this office space is ever going to get filled. What this means, of course, is that owners and property management companies need to find ways to make their properties attractive to prospective residents.

Best Way to Start Your Commerical Real Estate Window Tinting Project

You see a lot of companies and people talking about going green these days. For most of them, it’s about selecting ways to use sustainable energy and reducing the use of high-energy demand products and services. It’s a good thing. But I think that people sometimes forget that products like window tint can also play a key role. That’s unfortunate because not using window tinting so overlooks a chance to reduce an energy footprint easily and inexpensively. This is why I always suggest it for commercial property owners who trying to find a way to “go green”.

Bronze Window Tinting as a Second Choice

There is another choice if you don't want to go with the silver tint for your commercial property. You can always choose to have a bronze, medium-reflective tint applied to your windows. This is an extremely nice looking tint. Many property owners choose it for their commercial properties because it allows the maximum amount of light while blocking the maximum amount of heat. This film is a great choice because it marries a copper film to a clear film with a scratch-resistant coating.

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