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Building That Melts Cars

By now, everyone has seen the clip of the building in London that reflects sunlight so intensely that it melts cars parked on streets below. It's pretty amazing stuff. Enough to make a person consider creating a YouTube channel called, "When Architects Lose Their Minds." That would be picking a needless fight. What I want to do is simply mutter, under my breath, and move on.

Would John Ruskin Be Willing to Tint the Windows on Your Building?

So when people call me and ask for my best price on tinting the windows on a building, I often say to myself, “Hmmm, another call for John Ruskin.” I know, I know, who the heck is John Ruskin?

John Ruskin was a Victorian art critic and general deep thinker. He has this great quote about pricing that I love:

There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.

Going Back to Find the Guy Who Tinted Your Building's Windows for Cheap

Every once in a while someone will contact me about a quote for having me tint windows on a building. There are guys who will run out and work up a quote for anyone who asks, anyone who calls. I am not one of those guys, however. I ask questions, I try to get a sense of what the caller wants to accomplish, and then I make a decision about whether or not I can add value to what the caller wants to accomplish.

Our Fancy Toy

We’ve got a fancy toy here at Perfect Window Tint. I’ve mentioned it before but this is the first time I’ve brought it down front. What it is a printer that works with window tint. This printer allows us to do some really cool things. The kinds of things people don’t ordinarily associate with window tinting. It can make decorating your commercial real estate property a truly amazing thing.

Is the Winter Sun Hot?

Children ask the toughest questions. What is the purpose of your little toe, what does the Easter Bunny do during Christmas, why have the Jets treated that nice Mr.Tebow so poorly, and is the winter sun hot? Of all these questions, the one I want to tackle (no pun intended) is the one about the winter sun.

But I Am Not a Super Villain: Choosing a Color for Your Window Tint

Whether you are a reader of comic books, a watcher of Bond movies, or a follower of Star Wars, you know that one of the requirements for being a super villain is headquarters for decoration. For some reason, no super villain ever decides to run his or her evil operation from a modest bungalow (the only exception to this is, of course, the absolutely hysterical animated feature, Despicable Me). It's always some massive building, rising up against the horizon in a vaguely menacing manner. Often, this menace is achieved through window color.

What’s the Big Deal with Blacked Out Front Windows?

Every once in a while I will hear from someone who's gotten a ticket from a police officer for having front windows that are too dark. A fair amount of the time, the person who got the ticket invariably says something like, "What's the big deal?" It's really not that hard to understand, if you look at it from the point of view of the law-enforcement official. Remember, what looks cool to you looks menacing to them.

What Can We Do to Help?

If you like the rest of us, you watched Hurricane Sandy smash into the East Coast at the end of last month. It was a horrible thing to see. Just heartbreaking. You probably wondered what you can do to help. We would like to make a suggestion: call the Red Cross and ask what you can do now.

We think you should call because there are a lot of scam artists out there, and a disaster like this always seems to bring them out. You should ignore any e-mails or phone calls that you get from people asking you to help. Instead, contact the agency directly and ask what you can do.

The Heat's Gone

Now that the heat has gone, some of you may not be sure what to do. Go to the beach one last time? Take up hiking in the mountains? Start getting ready for return of pro basketball? I know what I'm going to do. I’m going to turn my attention to the burning question of the day: how to get people to think carefully about the way to use window tinting to add value to their commercial real estate property.

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