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Moving into The Fall!

We’re moving into the fall heat again; each year I’m surprised it happens, but it always does happen. We look up,and it’s October and it’s hot! I mean, really, really hot. Today and all last weekend, it was more than 100 degrees. Everybody wants to know why. I have my theories; you have your theories. But I will tell you this: if you were outside on Sunday afternoon, I bet you would have traded all the theories about the weather for a nice, cold glass of iced tea or a ice cold beer.

Urban Myth and Skin Cander

Don’t get me wrong. I love urban myths. The one about the car following the woman home from the gas station is one of my favorites. The book The Choking Doberman is a fun read. And I love (Check the top 25 hottest rumors.) At the same time I know one of things about urban myths is that they hang on forever. A good example of this is the ongoing thing about needing to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It’s a myth.

And for My Next Trick

Everybody’s got a presentation, of course. Presentations and pitches are some much a part of life in America they’ve even left their mark on the language itself. “Step right up.” “Glad you asked, my friend, glad you asked.” And the immortal one: “And wait! That’s not all!” Consultants and sales reps, door-to-door guys and smooth marketers, they’re all out there, showing you what they’ve got.

What are You Thinking, Sir?

To make a quality decision about your commercial property window tinting needs, you have to have a pretty clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish with to your project. What I often find is that people who contact me either have a really specific idea of how they want to proceed or they have no idea at all. People with a clear idea are always welcome; I enjoy working with people who have a strong sense of what they want to do with their property.

The Building as Fashion Statement

People think about their vehicles in as many different ways as there are under the sun (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). You will see people who wash their cars religiously, cleaning it frantically if there’s a spot of ash or bird dropping anywhere on it. You will see people who believe in what can only be characterized as a protective coating of dirt. And there are people who make decisions about what they are going to do to their cars because they see their vehicles as a means to express their own sense of style.

Miscalculating The Strength of The Sun

People miscalculate the danger of familiar things all the time. For example, people fish stuff out of a toaster with a fork while the toaster is still plugged in. They steer a car with their knees while they juggle a soda and a burger. They use sharp kitchen knives to do wood-working chores best left to a chisel.

How Window Tinting Can Help with Solar Change

The energy market is changing. Again. This time it looks very promising. Just like last time. The big change this time is coming from something called “distributing energy systems”. Distributed energy systems are small energy generating devices. A good example of one, the best known example of one, is a solar panel. But there’s another choice: the solar battery.

What’s a Solar Battery?

What Do You Wear When You Drive?

Do you have some special article of clothing you wear when you drive? If you look in the catalogs for people who like to drive cars (you know who you are), you will see all kinds of accessories aimed at drivers. Driving moccassins, driving gloves, branded sunglasses, all these things can be found in car catalogs. They all make sense if you are the sort of person who wants to feel like you’re maximizing the driving experience. But every once in a while you see something all little different. Have you ever seen a car where a woman is driving while wearing a set of sleeve over her arms?

Conserving Water and Window Tinting

One of the most striking images of the spring has been Governor Jerry Brown standing in a field where there should be snow. It’s an amazing picture because it makes clear exactly how severe the drought in California has become over the last few years. Like many big public policies issues the drought is hard to make concrete to most of the general public. It is not until something significant happens (at which point, of course, lots of people then suddenly start clamoring, “How long has this been going on?).

Hotter? Drier? Who Knows?

It's hard to decide what to believe about the weather. Some things are pretty clear: we're in a drought here in California, it's hot when we thought it might be cold, and it's hotter than we thought it would be when it does get hot. To top things off, it can be tricky to have a conversation about the weather if the person you’re talking with thinks you are getting ready to talk about climate change. This is really funny if you are old enough to remember when talking about the weather was a safe, boring topic of conversation.

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