Achieving Outstanding Service
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Who's Working on My Car?

So you've brought your baby to us. And now you're wondering: who's working on my car? Somebody who didn't know tinting from tires two weeks ago?

Maybe someplace else, but not at Perfect Window Tint. At Perfect Window Tint we have full-time, company-trained technicians. Our skilled technicians and their established procedures ensure flawless installations, time after time. With our team you get responsible, high-quality and timely service.

Window Tinting and the California Vehicle Code

In order to be in compliance under California Vehicle Code 262708.5, a tinted window must do the following:

It's the Details That Make for a Perfect Window Tint!

It's the attention to detail that makes all the difference in a window tint job.

For example, there are a lot of shops which will tint your roll-down windows. We do it differently. We know the key to a perfect window tint: attention to the small detail of shaving the top (exposed) border off the edge. This attention to detail produces a factory-tinted appearance, making the automobile glass look as though it were manufactured with the tint color.

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